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Nov 2012

Summer Hockey

Rushcliffe Summer sixes.

We entered 2 teams this year, thanks to Caroline for organising the B team of mainly junior players. It was wonderful to see so much progress and finished mid-table(ish).

Congratulations to our A team who topped their pool and went on to WIN the tournament!!




Match Reports

Nov 2012

Redhill 1sts v West Bridgford Monarchs away 3rd November Draw 2-2

2 great goals (one of which was Emma's first for the 1sts - well done beaut), and several breakaways with some good hockey, didn't stop us from feeling a little deflated at the end of this game - 2 points lost rather than a point gained. Apologies from Kate not being able to help out in the 2nd half with a bodged calf!
Player of the match was between 3 players - Sarah just pulling away to clinch the chocolate - well done

Redhill 1sts v Boots Cup game away.

An early goal to Redhill gave the impression that this would be a good win for us and the first half continued with Redhill having the upper hand - attacking their goal more and keeping Boots out defensively.  However, the game became pretty even in the 2nd half and a defensive blunder sadly gave Boots the equaliser.  Extra time saw both teams very determined to give it their all and get the golden goal - this going to Boots after a few minutes. Redhill out of the cup - let's focus back on the league.
Player of the match Charlie - well played!

Redhill 1sts v Players 1sts 20thOct 2012. Lost 2 7.

Ouch! We all really wanted to win this and keep our good record going - so we panicked! All the basics were forgotten except for a small window in the first half when we got 2 goals to make it 2 2. Kim passed the ball for Emily to slot away for the 1st goal, and popped the 2nd in herself. Man of the match to Kim.


Redhill 1sts v Boots 4ths Away 13th October Win 4 0

Interesting, as we come away from this game very pleased with our win and clean sheet again, but with a feeling that we certainly could have done better. There was a slight element of panic at odd parts of the game that made us flat, at times compressed and we resorted to the old mistake of trying to push the ball through the opposition. There were lots of near misses in the attacking D that didn't go in and so there is that little sneaky phrase going round in our heads "what if..." Anyway enough of that! Sarah, Emily Tracy and Ruth B were all scorers - absolute beauties! There were some great runs by Ruth K, and some sublime passing and moving off the ball all over the pitch. Defence throughout the team was great but special mention has to go to the 4 at the back Lauren, Ruth, Ruth and Mel - only 1 little flutter across our goal, absolutely solid defence otherwise. Again amazing hard work from the midfield - player of the match Sarah - who wins the Flake chocolate.


Match report Redhill 1sts v University of Nottingham 3rds: 6th October 2012

Redhill 1sts won 3-0!
Beckie started psyching us up to beat Uni 3rds today with txts during the week but we were all aware that this would be a hard game, as always, against the students. Lady luck shone on us as Beckie found a penny and that, of course, was the start of the road to a sweet victory at home. Despite continuing chest pain from last weeks injury, Beckie led by example and put 2 beautiful goals away, 1 from a short corner routine. Not to be outdone, Sarah showed us how to score from a short corner clearance from the top of the D by firing it into the top of the net - a cracker! This was all in the first half, and at half time everybody came off the pitch huffing and puffing - quite rightly. The second half remained goalless but with some lovely hockey from all. Defence put in some great saves led by Mel with Ruth K and Charlie both saving off the line. The forwards made some superb runs and fabulous hassling put pressure on the Uni players. However, today (although it was a true team effort) credit has to go to the midfield - they got all the goals, worked absolutely tirelessly and got the majority of the player of the match votes - Cat being the ultimate winner! Well done Cat, enjoy the chocolate ;)
Something to learn - get the ball onto sticks in passes. Something to be proud of - teamwork and hard work pay off, & pressure on the opposition with the ball works so nicely!!

Match report Redhill 1st v Dukeries: 30th September 2012

Redhill 1sts won 4-0!
With this being the Ist league game of the season, we all came to the match wanting to win. The summer league win gave the team the confidence to continue playing good hockey and, with home advantage, we were able to secure a beautiful win and clean sheet in defence. Emily deservedly won player of the match for her hat-trick but all must be proud of a great start to the season.
Something to remember - keep the game wide. Something to be proud of - great goals, clean sheet in defence and a superb win.


Redhill 1st & 2nds match cancelled due to frozen pitch.

Redhill 3rds played against West Bridgford Monarchs and unfortunatly was a bad week for them with a score line of 11-0.


Redhill 1st were up for a good game today against Southwell Brincliffe. We played a good team game and gained a happy point with a 2-2 draw :)

Redhill 2nds - 3 points against Arnold (woo hoo!!!!!)

The 3rd teams opponents prosponed their game, so an easy 3 points for Redhill!


With having a long break from hockey due to snow and christmas, all 3 teams were looking forwards to todays match.

Redhill 1 played Manning Ladies and were up for a good hockey match. We battled hard throughout the whole game and managed to get a 1-1 draw!!!

Redhill 2nds won 9-1 woo hoo!!!!!!

Woodthorpe 1- 6 Redhill 3 - 0 The third team had not played since 20th November and so were really ready for a good game. Unfortunately we had to drop a player to umpire which left us with only 10 players. Not the best situation to be in when you are playing the team at the top of the division but everyone kept trying right to the end.

Most of the game we were defending and struggled to get the ball into their half of the pitch. Susan in goal with her new GK stick (which she told everybody about) made a lot of fine saves and stopped us going into double figures.

Even though we lost heavily and it was freezing cold with a biting wind, we enjoyed the game and were back playing hockey! Roll on next week for an early start at Dukeries!

Man of the match award: Alex Pennistone


With 1 hour to go before the start of the match Redhill 1's only had 10 players, so a few quick phones calls to the life savers of the day came to the rescue. (Yolly, Nikki and Sue, Thanks) Despite all this Redhill had one off their best games so far and really had a good game of hockey against Worksop. The opposition took the 3 points, winning the game 0-1.


Redhill 1 - North Notts 2

Redhill 1 had a good game against North Notts this weekend and were up for getting points. Redhill were 2- 0 up at half time with Padge scoring 2 beautiful goals. During the second half Redhill battled hard for more goals with Padge trying for a hat trick. Unfortunatley Redhill tried their best and ended up loosing 2-5 :(

Redhill 2 - Trent Vale 1

Redhill 2s picked up a point today with a cracking draw 2-2 against Trent Vale Ladies.

Ashfield Aztecs II - Redhill 3

An enjoyable game seeing the 3rds field their 19th player of the season and 4th GK. Ashfield scored first when they beat our defence and left the GK on her own. The shot spun into the corner and Ashfield were one up. The game was end to end and well matched. Redhill equalised within 30 seconds of the start of the 2nd half. Jayne intercepted a ball near the half way line, passed to RW Jo who crossed the ball well to Karen M who finished well. There was some good link play between RB Denise, RH Alex and RW Jo and we unlucky not to score again. Rhian played well as stand in sweeper for absent Anne and Karen B and Lynn also had good defending games.
The last minute was exciting as Ashfield got a short and played a strong shot on target which Susan in her GK debut, saved and kicked clear. There were many contenders for man of the match but it went to Susan Parker who looked like she owned the goal and made many fine saves and clearances throughout the game. well done 3rds! 1-1 well done girls!


All 3 teams were desperate to pick up a win this weekend, especially the 1st who are yet to gain any points. The 1sts ended up losing a tough game 2-0 against Southwell Brincliffe. 2nds picked up a great win against Newark 4-0! The 3rds battled out hard and managed to settle with a 1-1 draw.


With redhill 2s the only team with a game this weekend they managed to pick up 3 points with an exciting game against Arnold! The 3rds also picked up 3 points aswell without even stepping foot on the pitch.


Another bad weekend for Redhill as none of the teams managed to pick up a single point! The 1st lost 2-0 against Beeston, the 2nds lost 4-2 against worksop and the 3rds lost 3- 0. :(


First results of the season didnt go to well for the 1st who lost 7-1 against Manning. kate Knowles scoring the only goal! (well done Kate). As for the 2nds they picked up 3 points with a win against Players making it 2-1, well done girls. Unfortunatly the 3rds being short of players lost 2-6 against Woodthorpe